Why "The Art That Unites" Exhibit for Europe Day

In the last four years, since I moved to America, I have met some great Romanian born artists living in the Unites States. This year I felt that is even more important to bring together artists to celebrate the annual Europe Day and its already traditional European Union Open House. This is the day when the European Union countries open their Embassies to the public. All the people that want to learn more about these countries are encouraged to visit. And so our exhibit will be in the heart of all these happenings. We will celebrate together unity, the achievements of Romanian Americans in a competitive world that strives for unity in its diversity. This is also my way of celebrating being an European.

I invited to participate in the show three painters, Manuela Holban, Andreia Gliga and Irina Stefureac; a photographer Oana Moore, and a sculptor, Cristian Ianculescu. They come from different backgrounds and are in different stages in their artistry. They feed their passion for art continuously, even if sometimes life occupies their time with more earthy jobs. I would like you to meet my artist friends and then, hopefully, I spiked your curiosity enough for you to come and see the exhibit at the Romanian Embassy in Washington DC on May 10, between 10 am and 4 pm.

Let me introduce you:


Andreia Gliga is born in Bucovina, Romania, and living in the US for over 20 years. Graduate of the Theater University in Bucharest, she is now an art teacher and diplomatic language instructor, living in VA. She had solo and group exhibits in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, New York City, and Bucharest. Among them “Romanian At Heart” collaborative exhibit at Artomatic 2017 in Crystal City, VA.  You can read more about Andreia in the interview published a while back on the blog.

“My inspiration is actually my life! Everything that I experience with my body and mind gets stored. I like being surprised by amazing color combinations and striking forms. I love studying people and things. There is so much to be discovered.”


Manuela Holban  studied art and art history at the Fine Art Institute in Bucharest. She lives in Maryland. Her work was shown around the world and can be found in many private collections in the U.S., France, England, Romania, and Australia.  Galleries in Pittsburg, New York, Columbus, and Madrid represent her. 

“I have always been fascinated by the human figure as voyager and explorer of time and space. Feeling an emotional connection to the past, I tried in my paintings to depict the visual threads, which links the past to the present.  Simultaneously rooted in the past and present, the figures in my paintings are traveling between time periods. They are intimately entwined with long ago forgotten names, as if looking in an old mirror. The figures that inhabit my paintings are navigating in the labyrinths of time and space. They are sequences of a never-ending story.”

More about Manuela’s work you can find at www.manuelaholban.com.

Cristian ianculescu

Cristian Ianculescu was born in Transylvania, Romania. He was introduced to drawing at an early age by his maternal grandfather, an accomplished photographer and painter.  

He studied painting in Romania with celebrated artist Richard Mantu, and in the U.S. with Natasha Mokina and Leslie Exton, and sculpture with Charles Flickinger at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. 

“I am keenly interested in figurative art. I enjoy the challenge of portraying human emotion and interaction, in painting and in sculpture.

When I’m not making art, I put my Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering to good use as a technology consultant.”

More about Cris’s work at ianculescu.com.


Oana Moore  is also an Transylvanian residing in Charlotesville, Virginia. Her photography is diverse, covering a wide spectrum from posed portraits to candids, landscapes, horses and travel photography. Through her images Oana likes to capture the emotional connection between her subjects. Stories and feelings could be evoked through pictures and when Oana's photography generates a reaction from viewers she likes to think that those certain images were meant to be.

Oana's work has been exhibited at various locations in Charlottesville area and her photographs are on permanent display at the Artisan Depot in Crozet, Virginia. More about her work at www.oanamoore.com.

Irina Stefureac.jpg

Irina Stefureac’s art speaks about a journey of fresh discoveries, which herself has undergone for the past several years, during an occasional stay in the US.

A graphic designer by background, Irina translated her passion for painting into artful works since 2015.

She recreates stories about charming urban or rural scenes and serene landscapes, seen or imagined.

She refines colors and light play, so that her artwork is an experience easily remembered and joyously revisited. 

Irina’s paintings transport me into a peaceful, safe place, where I am in touch with my inner child.

I hope I convinced you already. See you on May 11.

The Art That Unites